Christmas in Havana

How do you find love when present loyalties are divided and the past screams for attention?

 Luke Stevens’ new job as a CIA agent demands attention as he eulogizes his ex-wife and vows to move beyond grief. Ruth Chǔ’s a new life as an American law student busies her days, while her debt to North Korean intelligence haunts her nights. In the midst of an international crisis, can they experience Christmas joy together?

The cover art is called Esther’s Gamble by He Qi (

Hear the words; walk the steps; experience the joy!

Publisher: T2Pneuma Publishers LLC
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Reviews:Percy M. Burns, Author of Glorious Freedom wrote:

As a person who has traveled to Havana, Cuba, on three occasions, I am anticipating reading Christmas in Havana. Having spent a number of days there, I know that the city is filled with history, mystery, and intrigue. Stephen Hiemstra has the ability to capture this mystery and intrigue and much more! Read the book and see what I mean!

Julio Martinez, Senior Pastor of Shadai Phoenix Church wrote:

Christmas in Havana is a fascinating story that leads to reflection, an adventure of emotions that reflects life itself. Stephen Hiemstra guides us in a enjoyable way through this book to value life.

Sharron Giambanco, Business owner and writer wrote:

New beginnings for Phil Stevens and Yong Dae Chû as they accept the past merged with new identities. Pastor Phil, is Luke, an agent with the CIA working to defeat the terrorists who killed his son. Beautiful North Korean, Yong Dae Chû, is Ruth, a law student and model. The final book of a three-book series, Christmas in Havana, by Stephen Hiemstra, concludes the story of loss, grief, and self-forgiveness against the backdrop of international terrorism and human trafficking. It is a fast-moving drama filled with action and romance, grounded in spiritual truth.

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