Leader Guide: Apostle’s Creed, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    The Apostle’s Creed is a statement of faith focused on the question: Who is God? The answer given is that God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who created the universe around us, lived among us, and dwells in us.


    The Apostle’s Creed also answers the other three philosophical questions:
  1. Who are we? We are disciples of Christ who sit at his feet to learn from him and follow his example.
  2. What should we do? We believe in God and live out his plan for our lives. In this process, we learn about God’s healthy boundaries for our lives.
  3. How do we know? Individually and through the church, we relate directly with God and understand his will for our lives through scripture.

Unlike the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed summarizes the story of Jesus, which the New Testament describes as the Gospel.

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