Leader Guide: Ten Commandments, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    The Ten Commandments help us answer the question: What shall we do? The answer is straightforward: we should obey God’s laws.
    The Ten Commandments also help answer the other three fundamental philosophical questions:
  1. Who is God? God is the supreme covenant maker who expresses his love for us through concrete guidance.
  2. Who are we? We are covenant keepers who accept God’s covenant relationship and live according to its laws.
  3. How do we know? Ten Commandments are recorded and explained in scripture.
    Because the law is often discussed in opposition to grace, the role of the Ten Commandments in answering the question of what to do is sometimes confusing. Jesus said that love of neighbor summarized the Law and the Prophets (Matt 22:36–40). Why then do I need law? Aren’t I free from law under grace?
    The Apostle Paul gives the most direct answer to this question. Our freedom in Christ is the freedom to love our neighbors as ourselves (Gal 5:13–14). If we take Paul’s statement seriously, do you think that your neighbor will notice? If time and money are involved, do you think that your spouse and kids will notice?
    The Ten Commandments remind us of what love looks like from God’s perspective, not ours. God created a community of individuals—not just you and me—in His image. If God created and loves my neighbor, perhaps I can learn to love them too. God’s love means honor our parents; love means do not murder . . . We need reminders; we need clear boundaries. In the Ten Commandments God graciously provides them both.

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