Media Guide: 4. Why self-publish, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    Q: I understand that this is your first book. What led you to publish this book through your own company, T2Pneuma Publishers LLC, rather than through a traditional publishing house?
    A: Thank you for asking.  As you may be aware, the process of finding a suitable publisher as a first-time author is both frustrating and time consuming.  I spent several months looking for a traditional Christian publisher and was eventually offered a writing contract.  However, my desire to publish a low-cost, devotional title and to maintain artist control of the book conflicted with the publisher’s normal, low-budget paradigm.  Consequently, we parted company without even finishing negotiations.
    At that point, I had already registered T2Pneuma Publishers LLC as a business.  Between my artistic instincts and business background as an economist, the idea of self-publishing intrigued me. The months since that point have been fascinating and I am happy with my decision to self-publish.
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