T2Pneuma Releases “A Christian Guide to Spirituality” in EPUB EBook

A Christian Guide to Spirituality


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CENTREVILLE, VA, 10/12/2016: A Christian Guide to Spirituality: Foundations for Disciples by Stephen W. Hiemstra is now available in EPUB Ebook (ISBN: 978-1942199991) on BarnesAndNoble.com according to T2Pneuma Publishers LLC of Centreville, Virginia. For more details, see: T2Pneuma.com.

A Christian Guide to Spirituality is also available in paperback and Kindle editions.  Una edicion en español es también disponible (pulse aquí).


Spirituality is lived belief. When we pray, worship, or reach out to our neighbors, we live out our beliefs. Our beliefs structure our spirituality like skin stretched over the bones of our bodies.

Christian spirituality starts with God, not with us.

A Christian Guide to Spirituality takes the form of 50 daily devotions. Each topic is treated with a scriptural reference, reflection, prayer, and questions for discussion. Occasionally, references are provided for further study. The first four chapters (Introduction, Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer, and Ten Commandments) cover 40 days making them suitable as a Lenten study. Ten additional days focus on the spiritual disciplines and a short conclusion.

Reading A Christian Guide to Spirituality will help readers understand Christian spirituality better and nurture their faith.

Hear the words; walk the steps; experience the joy!

KEY WORDS:  spirituality, Christianity, devotion, faith, and disciplines.


You have my blessing. It’s a book that needed to be written. It will do a lot of good.  
– Peter John Kreeft, Boston College

Stephen provides a helpful, accessible guide using the classic catechetical structure of the Apostles’ Creed,  the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.
– David A. Currie, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

This is a book for those who want to understand how best to have a living faith and an ever deepening devotional and experiential knowledge of God.  
– Stephen Macchia, Pierce Center for Disciple-Building

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