Leader Guide: Introduction, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


Spirituality is lived belief. Even if we are not always fully aware of it, each of us has a theology which we practice. When we insist on doing things our own way, for example, we deny God’s sovereignty over that portion of our life creating a blind spot. If circumstances later force us to rethink what we have done, then we may find that ourselves living out a theology that we would not choose given more time to reflect.

The introduction to A Christian Guide to Spirituality starts by addressing the question: why study spirituality? The chapter then addresses 4 fundamental questions taken from philosophy which any complete spirituality must answer:

1. The metaphysical question: Who is God?
2. The anthropological question: Who are we?
3. The ethics question: What should we do?
4. The epistemological question: How do we know?

The next 4 chapters following the introduction concentrate each on one of these questions. These questions accordingly provide both structure to our devotions and to the book itself.

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