Leader Guide: Lord’s Prayer, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    The Lord’s Prayer helps define our identity in Christ and to focus on the question: Who are we? The answer given is that we are debtors who are in need of daily bread and who are easily tempted.
    The Lord’s Prayer also helps us answer the other three big philosophical questions:
  1. Who is God? He is our father who is the King of kings living in heaven.
  2. What should we do? We praise God’s name.
  3. How do we know? The Bible records the Lord’s Prayer twice.

Teaching prayer is difficult. Our prayers reflect our understanding of theology and how we practice it—our personal spirituality.

The Lord’s Prayer reveals Jesus’ own theology and provides us an important template for prayer. The hope is that, by employing Jesus’ template, we may develop a personal theology through study, personal prayer, and being attentive to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

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