Media Guide: 7. T2Pneuma, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    1. Q:

I noticed that you are active on social media and you blog at How did you choose that name?

    A: Yes. I blog 3 times weekly and share my posts through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Social media purists might, however, complain that I am not particularly social on social media. Because I blog with an “online pastor” theme, I am sensitive to the needs of my readers and do not express a lot of personal views.
    T2Pneuma is short for the Greek phrase: To Deuteron Pneuma which means the second wind in Greek. Among distance runners, the term, second wind, refers to the point after which one has established a pace and begun to be comfortable with the race. In the context of the New Testament, pneuma is also the primary word used to refer to the Holy Spirit. Second Wind accordingly also refers to a special anointing of the Holy Spirit for ministry. Second Wind was the name of my personal newsletter during seminary.
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