Media Guide: 3. Why Write, A Christian Guide to Spirituality


    Q: Since you recently graduated from seminary, what led you to write a book?
    A: In seminary, I read a wide range of books on spirituality. Almost none offered the basic teachings of the church. Instead, they focused on the spiritual disciplines or came across as how-to books on having spiritual experiences. The basic tenants of the Christian faith were assumed or neglected.
    Over time in my reading, I became aware of the need to focus on the fundamentals of the Christian faith–the source of our spirituality. Spirituality is nothing more than our beliefs lived out. The attempt to approach God on our own is simply a metaphorical Tower of Babel.
    After writing a couple of newsletter articles on spirituality concerns, I resolved that a more in-depth treatment was needed. This led me to think about writing a book. Several of the devotions in the book build on these earlier newsletter articles.
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