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A Christian Guide to Spirituality

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  1. I would like to welcome author Stephen W. Hiemstra to our show today. He has recently published A Christian Guide to Spirituality which now available on (Post, Video).
  2. Steve, tell us a little bit about yourself. (Post, Video)
  3. Since you recently graduated from seminary, what led you to write a book? (Post, Video)
  4. I understand that this is your first book. What led you to publish this book through your own company, T2Pneuma Publishers LLC, rather than through a traditional publishing house? (Post, Video)
  5. I see that your book is a devotional, but it also poses some serious philosophical questions. That’s not my image of a Christian devotional. What is going on here? (Post, Video)
  6. Your cover and title page offer some interesting graphics. What is the story here? (Post, Video)
  7. I noticed that you are active on social media and you blog at How did you choose that name? (Post, Video)
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